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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 11 August 10

DUNSTAN BABY LANGUAGE COURSE – for carers of Children 0-3mths

The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to hear exactly what your baby is communicating. As a Nanny, you will be able to interpret the infant’s sounds and cries – and respond to their needs quickly and This is a specialised day of training in how to make positive and effective changes effectively. Every newborn communicates from birth to 3 months using 5 distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind/gas and discomfort. This is regardless of the language their parents speak. It is not a learned language. Rather, it is a natural way for every baby to express their physical needs. The Dunstan System will teach you how to tune your ear to the 5 ‘words’, take you through settling solutions, and gives helpful advice for parents. It was eight years of research that revealed this system of sounds – the language that is shared by all babies. (You can complete further training to become an Educator).

More info here:

Cost: $75 includes GST DVD provided upon completion Date: Saturday 4th September 2010 Times: 10am-2pm Location: Central Coast Community College, Ourimbah (near Gosford)


OR CALL: (02) 4348 4300

Posted 14 August 10

warning to Parents using Tizzie Halls book Save our sleep

This is why controlled crying or comfort settling is not a realistic option when helping your child get into a good sleeping pattern.

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