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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 30 January 08

Copy cats - how flattering and is it already February 2008?

I cant believe that we are moving into the 2nd month of 2008? Is it really 2008? I still cant get over that we are in the 2000's lol What an amazing year 2007 was and such a whirlwind. 2008 is already proving to be just that. Its the year of positives and apparently the Chinese year of my birth and for great things to happen.

My son is 4 and growing so fast I cant believe he will be starting School next year... I know Im definitely going to have tears on his first day. It definitely wont be him with the tears.

Weve had some amazing accomplishments with Night Nannies growing in leaps and bounds. Our specialised Teams in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney have grown into a large family each individual having their own speciality area. Our training and Orientation has been developed and running since 2006 with fantastic success. We have had the honour of supporting some very famous Aussie celeb Mums come into Motherhood.

One thing we have been very flattered by is the copy cat services that have cropped up over the last couple of years. Although one major thing has concerned us is that we've noticed that some of the copy cat services or individuals providing these services have either been rejected by Night Nannies for not having legitimate qualifications or by us completing their reference checks and the referee telling us that the individual applying had to be let go for doing bizarre things on the job like reheating a formula bottle that has been used and left out overnight. These are basic things that any legitimately qualified and experienced Mothercraft Nurse or Maternity Nanny should know already.

Night Nannies is so careful in recruiting the right people to represent us as we know our reputation is everything and we pride ourselves in only having the best people. We know that babies and all aged children are the most precious little people in the world and especially to their parents. Our philosophy has always been to help, care, support, guide, be gentle and always be professional at all times. We take our jobs very seriously in regards to our screening process and for our teams out in the field. Our Nurses and Nannies are an important part of our Night Nannies family as are the families who we work with every day.

We hope that everyone is as careful as Night Nannies when they use the services of anyone who will be entering their child's lives as a carer or guide.

We go into great effort to assist anyone and everyone who calls us for support, guidance and information on sleep guidance and Child Care issues. We have an extensive referral list of resources and a highly qualified experienced team of specialised Nannies and Nurses ready to help you with your Postnatal care and Sleep Guidance issues.

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