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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 02 February 09

Valentines Day Babysitter

Wow its February already... 2009 is moving as fast as 2008. The weather has been boiling and hopefully everyone has been able to enjoy their Summer activities with their friends and family. Valentines Day is just around the corner and we have a few fantastic Nannies available to Babysit on Valentines day or night. Couples are lucky that this year you can truly enjoy yourself as Valentines falls on a Saturday. Treat your partner to a special romantic dinner or a night at the Movies. Night Nannies offers fully qualified and screened Nannies and Babysitters for peace of mind. Inquire now by calling us on 1300791663 or send us an email by visiting our inquiries page here:

Posted 07 February 09

Night Nannies News Issue 1 February 2009

Night Nannies News Issue 1 February 2009

Welcome back to our Families and Nannies for 2009.

We hope you all had a Happy Christmas and are beginning 2009 on a positive note.


Babysitters Club 10 pack - $200 for a pack of 10 booking fees. A savings of $100 for each 10 bookings. The 10 pack can be used on any of Night Nannies services and has no expiry date.

February and March sale – 10% of all Casual Booking fees and Permanent Placements when you mention Night Nannies News upon finalizing your booking.


This year we are officially launching This wonderful new service offers new and existing clients the opportunity to book a Wedding Nanny or Wedding crèche. It’s a great way for children to participate and enjoy yours or the Wedding your attending and allowing the grown ups to also enjoy the Wedding function and relax. Children are provided with funky activity boxes with age appropriate fun activities. The Wedding Nanny supervises and interacts with the children in a group attending the Wedding. We also have Wedding Babysitters who can individually care for your child at the function or in your Hotel room or home while you attend the Wedding. We can also provide this service for Corporate functions, Christenings or any other event children might attend.

Another fabulous new arrival to Night Nannies is our soon to be launched website

Although Night Nannies has always provided Day Nannies we have now grown to two departments. One department specialising in Sleep Guidance and night Babysitting services. The second focusing on day Nannies. We expect to launch the new sites by April 2009.

Night Nannies Training

We will be offering 4 training sessions this year for our registered Nannies to attend to update their skills and have the opportunity for peer support. We are also launching an on the job mentoring program for new successful applicants to the specialized Sleep Guidance Team. This is a fantastic way for Nannies who are wanting to specialize to fine tune their skills whilst gaining support and mentoring on the job.


This year its on a Saturday. If you haven’t already, book your Babysitter for the Friday, Saturday or Sunday night to show your loved on how much you care. VALENTINES WEEKEND SPECIAL = $100 FOR 4 HOURS AFTER 6 PM FOR UP TO 2 CHILDREN. (SAVE $18.50) 10% discount does not apply to this special offer.

Visit our website or phone 1300791663 to make a booking or inquiry.

Night Nannies Team

Posted 17 February 09

What is Baby led weaning?

Baby led weaning… have you heard of this? I hadn’t until today. It’s a fascinating new way that is being recommended by the World Health Organisation and Governments around the world including Australia.

The rundown: *Baby led weaning is the introduction of solids without pureeing food *There is no or minimal spoon feeding *Baby’s choose, hold and feed themselves


*With the growing Child obesity problem it has been introduced to help *Also when a baby is introduced to solids at 6months of age, it simply is about introducing flavour, texture and sensation. It is NOT the main sustenance. A baby’s main sustenance up until 12 months of age is milk. *Pureed food was created because babies used to be given solids at 3 months of age as recommended by their Doctors. We now know this is not good and can create allergies and leaky gut syndrome. The food was pureed to be like breastmilk texture so it was easy for the baby to digest and eat.

Check out these articles on Baby-Led weaning so you are up to date with the latest news in Child development.

A baby led start to solids -

What is baby led weaning? -

Posted 21 February 09

I just stumbled across a site I wish I had found years ago. This site: is a family owned business based in New Zealand providing all the tools and equipment you need to enable a good night's sleep. The product range is extensive and they also offer regular newsletters with sleep tips. If you havent heard of The Sleep store go and check it out. It will be nice to have a centralised location to refer our families to when they are wanting to make purchases for equipment on baby sleep products.

I have also been researching "attachment theory" this is something that is close to my heart as I strongly believe in it. This was because as a Sleep Consultant and Mother I have always felt that the bond between parent and baby should be promoted and encouraged. Babies need to be attended to and enjoy our communication and cuddles with them. Watching your baby try and mimic your sounds and facial expressions from newborn is amazing. When a baby is scared and lonely without you its important to attend to them and give reassurance and affection. This helps to strengthen the parent/child bond and also helps the baby to feel safe and more confident. As tiring as it is getting up in the night to feed your baby its also a peaceful and enjoyable moment.

The feeling and knowing that only you or your partner is all your baby wants and needs. That you have the milk to feed your little one. How your babys muscles and face instantly relaxes when you pick them up and cuddle and coo to them is blissful. Then feeding in the dim light or dark looking at your babys eyes looking at you loving you and so happy that you came to pick them up. Listening to the little sucking sounds and the quiet of the night as you both sit there together. Then finally the return to your slumber state peacefully.

Sure every night is not always like this but by creating consistency in your responses and giving affection and attending to your babys cues and needs you will continue to grow together with your patterns of sleep and resettling and also development.

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