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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 03 July 14

Perth Nanny Sleep workshops Sat 9th August 2014

Years of experience and want to professionalise your Nanny skills? Become a Sleep consultant for Night Nannies and also go out privately.

Sleep guidance Consultant Workshop is for nannies wanting to learn and understand Sleep, techniques, routine and guidance so you can implement these techniques on the job or as one of Night Nannies specialists or in your own business. Lots of fun and group participation. $110

Dunstan Baby Language is the language of babies 0-3months and is a must for Nannies wanting to work with newborns. Its invaluable to have as one of your bag of tricks in helping build confidence in new parents in their role. Understand what your baby is asking of you and prevent those horrible crying sessions in the arsenic hours. $77

Behaviour Management Workshop is an introduction Workshop on the ins and outs of preventing and managing behaviour in the 0-3’s. $44

Workshop info All workshops are run one after another so you can attend 1 or all 3.

Annemarie Sansom is a qualified Sleep Consultant and Early Childhood Educator with 20 years in the field. Annemarie is also a Mum of 5 children and is looking forward to engaging an exciting new Perth team.

This is a one off opportunity to attend our very popular training. We have been running the only specialist Nanny training for 10 years. Come and join us.

Posted 03 July 14

From Local to Global Business with Google HelpOuts

One of the most interesting presenters at our SBNG breakfast meetings this year was without doubt Annemarie Sansom, owner/director of NiGHT NANNIES. Annemarie is a qualified childcare worker with 20 years nanny experience working in various centres and specialising in sleep strategies for babies and children.

After having her first baby Annemarie started her own local business in 2005 offering specialised in-home night nanny services. The business soon expanded Australia wide as she built an online presence through publication of good content, participation in forums and various other online activities. Having built a solid online brand she has now been offered the opportunity to partner with Google and expand from a Local to Global Business with Google Helpouts.

What is Google Helpouts? Helpouts is a service that was launched by Google in November 2013. It is an online collaboration service where people called providers offer help and share their experience with Helpouts users through real-time online chats and videos. It started in the US but providers participating in the services are now also located in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada.

This is a brand new marketing opportunity in Australia that can create very significant brand exposure for the service providers. Google is looking for people who traditionally provide in-home face-to-face services and Night Nannies is a perfect example. Annemarie’s first contact came from Google by email which she deleted on several occasions assuming it to be spam. Fortunately because she had a well established online brand already the Google people in Sydney followed up with a phone call to invite her to meet with them in Sydney. Having met with the Google team and discussed the Helpouts principles in depth she saw the business building potential, followed up with discussions with her own team and decided to accept the invitation to become a Google Helpouts provider. Her business fits perfectly into the “New Parents” category where her services and advice on offer are clearly listed as is shown in this screenshot.

Google Helpouts

A Google Helpouts provider will have an icon similar to this one on their website to take visitors directly to their online Helpouts services.

Google Helpouts

The categories listed on the Helpouts site are a good indication of the opportunities available for small business owners and other entrepreneurs with a local face-to-face business. It includes:

Arts & Music Computers and Electronics Coking Education & Careers Fashion & Beauty Fitness & Nutrition Health Home & Garden

People who offer provider services can be owners of any size business as well as individuals. Becoming a provider is, at this stage, by invitation from Google only but applications can be submitted for consideration. Here is the link for everyone who would like to apply to become a provider on Google Helpouts

Helpouts providers set their own prices that can be adjusted over time as the business grows. Annemarie’s recommendation is to start with an initial trial period, make a small profit and then build up over time.

Annemarie has this special offer for our SBNG members. Anyone who would like to try Night Nannies live video chats they can use this code to obtain a freebie: TRYNIGHTNANNIES

Thank you Annemarie for a very informative presentation. You have provided many of our members with food for thought on how to move their business from Local to Global Business with Google Helpouts.

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