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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 01 October 10

Sleep aids increase risk of baby death

Amy Corderoy HEALTH October 1, 2010

PARENTS have been warned against using devices designed to keep babies sleeping on their backs, as they can increase the risk of infant death instead of preventing it.

The Food and Drug Administration, Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Academy of Paediatrics issued the joint warning in the US after reviewing reports of 12 infant deaths associated with the products over the past 13 years.

Most of the children died after rolling from a side-sleeping position onto their stomachs and suffocating, but others became trapped between the sleep positioner and the side of their bed and suffocated.

Sleep positioning devices are used on infants younger than six months and are supposed to keep an infant from rolling onto the stomach while sleeping to avoid sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, which has been linked to stomach-sleeping.

The most common types of sleep positioners have bolsters attached to each side of a thin mat and wedges to elevate the baby's head.

Jeanine Young, chairwoman of the SIDS and Kids national scientific advisory group, said similar devices had been linked to child deaths in Australia.

Many cots also came with extra pillows but did not include clear warnings that additional pillows and mattresses were unsuitable for children under two years old.

"There are a lot of these things out there, and parents assume that if they are buying them from a reputable dealer that it must be safe," Ms Young said.

The sleep positioners, mattresses and pillows were also frequently advertised as endorsed by paediatricians, but parents should take advice only from reputable research organisations , she said.

About 95 per cent of sudden and unexplained infant deaths were eventually linked to known risk factors such as sleeping on soft beds and pillows and using loose coverings.

A spokeswoman for the Australian College of Midwives, Hannah Dahlen, said businesses should not sell sell such devices.

"The advice has always been very clear that nothing unnecessary should be placed in the bed. I guess if people think they can make some money they will invent anything."

Posted 01 October 10

Sleep Guidance and Dunstan Baby Language Course Sydney

Sleep Guidance Specialist Course and Dunstan Baby Language

SYDNEY Sat 30th Oct 2010 9.30am-3.30pm

Cost: approx: $100

Sleep Guidance Specialist Course for Nannies and Child Care Workers This course is for Nannies and Child Care workers wanting to gain additional skills in Sleep Guidance with the ability to be able to provide consultations to families who are experiencing sleeping difficulties with their children.

This is a specialised day of training in how to make positive and effective changes with children’s sleeping patterns in Child Care Centres and home environments.

Manual and Certificate provided upon completion


The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to hear exactly what your baby is communicating. As a Nanny, you will be able to interpret the infant’s sounds and cries – and respond to their needs quickly and This is a specialised day of training in how to make positive and effective changes effectively. Every newborn communicates from birth to 3 months using 5 distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind/gas and discomfort. This is regardless of the language their parents speak. It is not a learned language. Rather, it is a natural way for every baby to express their physical needs. The Dunstan System will teach you how to tune your ear to the 5 ‘words’, take you through settling solutions, and gives helpful advice for parents. It was eight years of research that revealed this system of sounds – the language that is shared by all babies. (You can complete further training to become an Educator).

More info here:

Cost: approx : $60 Sat 30th Oct 4pm-6.30pm McMahons Pt - North Sydney

enrol in both courses and receive a $20+ discount.

Posted 15 October 10

Melbourne cup Nanny - do you need one?

Night Nannies is offering packages for Melbourne cup day and weekend for Nannies and Babysitters.

Package 1 - Night Babysit 4 hours minimum after 6pm - additional hours @ $20 per hr up to two children - additional children $2 per hour per additional child $100 for the 4 hours (save $10 off our usual fees)

Package 2 - Short hour Day Nanny 4 hours minimum - additional hours at $22 per hr up to two children - $2 per hour for each additional child $120 for 4 hours (Save $10)

Package 3 - long day Nanny 6 hour minimum - additional hours @ $22 per hour up to two children - $2 per hour for each additional child $152 (save $10)

Any other hours or Nanny requirements please call 1300791663 or email: with MELBOURNE CUP in the subject line.

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