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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 04 May 09

Children, cats, drinks and Computers do not mix

Friday night was going well, took my laptop home and decided to have a play on Twitter. All was going well until I decided to go and get dinner ready. When I returned I found my 5 yr old and my cat at my laptop staring worryingly at the now blank laptop screen. I asked what had happened and my son said that the cat had knocked my drink on top of the computer. That was it, my laptop was now fried. Trying to find out if its possible to repair the now fried laptop is a nightmare of confusion and expense. The computer repair man is visiting the office tomorrow to decide if it is repairable and at what cost. Note to self: never leave laptop unattended with drink nearby and cat/child.

Posted 05 May 09

Refer a friend & get 50% discount on Babysitting & Nanny fees

If you refer a friend to Night Nannies who goes ahead with a booking, you will receive 50% discount as a reward off your next booking fee.

Posted 21 May 09

Sleep Guidance Training for Parents and Nannies - course

Sleep and Settling Guidance for Babies and Children – ENROL HERE:

“It’s time for bed” can mean hours of stress and disruption for families with babies or children who won’t settle at night. Are you looking for new skills and techniques to make bedtime pleasant for you, your children, grandchildren or those you care for? Say goodnight to sleeplessness with this new course. Learn gentle techniques to help babies and children (up to five years of age) fall asleep with ease. Following a 3 week plan, you’ll be given the tools to establish sleeping patterns and manage difficult bed-time behaviours.

Nannies and Child Care Workers wanting to specialise in sleep guidance with families can enrol in Day 2 of the course. This is a specialised day of training in how to make positive and effective changes with children’s sleeping patterns in Child Care Centres and home environments. Upon completion of the two day course, you will be eligible to apply for specialised Agency work. Please bring your lunch.

Day 1 – Open to Child Care Workers or those wanting a career as a nanny as well as parents and grandparents. (1 Session)

Day 2 - Continues from Day 1, for Nannies and Child Care Workers only. (2 Sessions) (MATERNITY NANNY)

Nannies and Child care workers attending both days will receive a Certificate from Night Nannies and be eligible for registration as a specialist in Sleep Guidance. Possibility of other work as a Maternity Nanny through other Agencies and privately.

CENTRAL COAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE Saturday & Sunday 22 & 23 August, 10am - 3pm 2 session(s): $154.00 Course Code: 93E607B


Our main training and administration centre is located on the Ourimbah Campus, close to public transport, located only 5 minutes from Ourimbah railway station.,151.701944&sspn=0.008288,0.019312&ie=UTF8&z=15

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