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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 06 January 12

Sleep Guidance Course for Nannies Sydney February 2012

The date will be Sat 11th February 2012

Costs: Sleep Guidance - $150 (9.30am-3.30pm) includes manual and practical components plus Certificate Breastfeeding Guide for Nannies - $100 (2 hours) includes handouts and Certificate

Early Bird – date: 20/01/2012 (Sleep Guidance & Breastfeeding) = $230

Location: North Sydney

Posted 06 January 12

Easter school holiday Nanny

Do you need a Nanny over the Easter break? We offer competitive packages. Call us on 1300791663 to discuss.

Posted 11 January 12

Ever get asked those annoying parenting questions or given that annoying advice?

Here's some fun come backs you can use to deflect those annoying tips and questions:

Use at your own risk


“When do you plan on stopping nursing?” Response: “Not sure, but thank you for taking such an interest in my bodily fluids.”

“STILL breastfeeding?” Response: “I’m not nursing. My baby tumbled and I broke his fall with my nipple.”

“We want to feed the baby, too.” Response: “I’ll handle what goes in, you can take care of what comes out.” (From @HeatherArtLife)


“Co-sleeping is weird. Don’t you have a crib?” Response: “Yes, and we prefer to use it to store laundry.”

“Co-sleeping is unhealthy. Everyone needs their own bed.” Response: “Said the bed factory.”


“Homebirth? Ew! What will you do with the mess?” Response: “Make candles for Christmas gifts. What’s your address again?”

“Homebirth? So dangerous!” Response: “Don’t worry, after baby is born we plan to raise her inside of an actual hospital. Just to be safe.”

“Homebirth? Are you crazy?” Response: “Have you seen gas prices? This will save TWO trips.”


“Your baby will never learn to walk.” Response: “We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. Well… I’ll cross… he’ll be in a carrier.”

“Can’t you just use a stroller?” Response: “When the zombies come, being hands-free is going to be essential for survival.”

“She’ll never WALK!” Response: “How else will I make sure she never leaves me? (must be said with a straight face).

Posted 19 January 12

Nearly one double trouble - My twins

My twins are now 11months and we are preparing for their 1st birthday. Being my 3rd and 4th child its not the same as the first excitement with your very first baby's 1st birthday. However being twins has sparked that excitement again. We are planning something simple at our newly upgraded local playground for a couple of hours in the morning.

Its such an amazing time for the twins at the moment and for me being their Mum. They are doing the usual milestones with saying some words, crawling, standing, cruising etc. The most amazing adventure for me is watching them interact and play. Most babies play side by side rather than interact but twins seem to be a different breed. My twins throw a ball for one another to chase. When one wants to explore the other comes too or calls for the other to come. They can nearly always be found together playing along side each other.

They also get jealous of each other albeit it food, Mummy's milk and cuddles or over a toy. They also have a new habit of leaning or climbing on each other. Most times this is met with disapproval from the other. Of course they are typical siblings are try and take each others toy of the other.

I'm excitedly nervous about the next stage of walking and talking where Im expecting they will work as a tag team to get up to all kinds of mischief. I think its time to batten down the hatches are do a double child proof of my house! Wish me luck.

Posted 31 January 12

Shalom Baby - a great starting point for Jewish Parents

Find a Jewish Mothers group in your area or check out the classifieds section. They even offer group workshops with interesting talks.

Night Nannies also has a specialist Sleep Guidance Nanny with extensive experience working in Jewish orthodox homes available in Melbourne for newborn care and sleep guidance assistance. Call us on 1300791663 to inquire.

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