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Gift Certificate

Friends, family and work colleagues can purchase a gift certificate for any of Night Nannies Nanny services. You may want to purchase a gift certificate for:

  • A 3 hour Babysitter so the parents can go out for dinner
  • A 4+ hour Nanny in the day so the parents can go out and have a break
  • A 3 hour Sleep Guidance Workshop to help the new parents learn important baby skills and sleep and settling skills
  • An overnight luxury Babysitting service for 8 hours of undisturbed bliss for the parents to have one night off so they can have a good sleep and wake full rested.
  • A an overnight Mothercraft Nurse or Mothercraft Nanny to guide and support the new parents with routine establishment, feeding and settling techniques to get them started with their new baby.
  • An overnight Sleep Guidance package for two nights with a Mothercraft Nurse or Mothercraft Nanny guiding the parents and assisting them to establish a good sleeping routine and techniques.
  • An Emergency Nanny for those moments when you really need a back up solution for your children’s care
  • A Wedding Nanny to care for children at a wedding or function

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