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Luxury Overnight Babysitting

  • You will be given an initial assessment over the phone to gain an understanding of your family’s needs.
  • A deposit of $33 per night booked is payable prior to commencement of the service.
  • A Night Nanny will come to your home for a minimum 8-hour shift usually between 10pm – 6am (longer hours are available).
  • The Night Nanny will then attend to your child’s sleeping and waking needs during the night so you can have an undisturbed sleep and even get a lie in if you want.
  • We can also bring the baby to you for feeds if you wish and manage any resettling for you.
  • The Night Nanny will also feed and dress your child in the morning.
  • We can also do bottle preparation.

Important Information

  • Night Nannies reserves the right to stop the Overnight Services if deemed necessary.
  • Parents are required to be disciplined to maintain the end result. Expect that you are always working at maintaining healthy sleep cycles and practices for your children.
  • Night nannies are responsible for the child and the child’s needs alone; they are not expected to do other duties outside of the overnight service.
  • Overnight Nannies do not provide duties other than that related to the child’s sleeping, feeding and changing, as these shifts start at 10pm and finish at 6am. Some shifts do start earlier but these shifts are specifically tailored for overnight support and sleep guidance.
  • Night Nannies are to be paid in cash at the end of each shift.
  • All of the above services provide strategies for the parents to put in place and maintain once the Nanny has left. It is crucial for the success of the service that these routines & Techniques are strictly maintained after the Nanny has left.
  • A Circadian Rhythm (body clock) will take 3 weeks of consistent sleep times before it registers the new sleep as a normal pattern. Therefore, the routines will need to be maintained consistently for 3 complete weeks before you can expect to have the routine locked in place.

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