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Identify Sleeping Issues

While many babies develop a routine of their own accord and will sleep through the night automatically, the majority will need a little training. Establishing the right sleep routine from an early age is vital if you want to avoid long-term sleep problems. But no matter what age your baby, there's always something you can do to improve their sleeping habits.

The following is a list of questions to use as a guide when determining if the child may be experiencing sleeping problems:


  • Experiencing difficulty getting off to sleep?
  • Reliant on an outside influence to obtain sleep? (Nursing, dummy, breast or bottle)
  • Being fed every two hours
  • Unsettled and sleeping for less than an hour?
  • Irritable and restless towards late afternoons?
  • Teething or has the surroundings changed causing him/her to be unsettled?
  • Sleeping less than eight hours at night (over 3 months of age)


  • Constantly waking at night?
  • Arguing when its time for bed?
  • Sleeping in your bed regularly or constantly getting out of bed?

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