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Here are 12 questions you should ask yourself before deciding to accept a job.

Too many people these days just drift into a job without thinking about their long-term outlook. To stop you making that mistake here are 12 questions you should ask yourself before you agree to a position that you are unsure about. These questions are significant and intended to help you make the right decision.

  1. Do I desire to do this work?
  2. Can I do the job required of me?
  3. Do I know the specific job description?
  4. Is the job in tune with my standards and values?
  5. How can I increase my knowledge in the early period of this job?
  6. Why did the preceding person leave this job and, are there any implications for me?
  7. Will I get along with my new employer?
  8. Who can advise me in this occupation so that I can be successful?
  9. If this career doe s not work out, what is my "Plan B"?
  10. How does this job fit into my future career plan?
  11. How can I use this occupation to assist me towards my career goals?
  12. Will I be able to balance the demands of this job with my commitments and interests outside of work?

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