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A portfolio of work should present information about your skills ad personal attributes that are not easily conveyed via a CV.

Potential employers will have the benefit of seeing actual things that you have done with children you have looked after and items you have produced during your training.

It is a good time to start building your portfolio when you are at college. It will need updating periodically throughout your career. You must try to include work of a standard that you are able to maintain. Remember that typed information is always better than hand-written.


  • A copy of your CV.
  • Any written references or testimonials you may have from your employers. (Full-time employments in any field, holiday and weekend work, regular babysitting jobs, voluntary work with children in schools, playgroups, nursery schools or family centre).
  • A typed list of the placements you attended during your course, giving details of the amount of time you spent there, your duties and the age of the children.
  • If you have worked as a Nanny or Mothers Help previously, please provide details of your duties and explain the extent of your responsibilities. Be specific – you can afford to go into a bit of detail here.
  • Photographs of any practical work you have done with children. E.g. wall displays and craft work, activities you have put together in centres during your placements.
  • Qualifications – including: Certificates/Diplomas and First Aid Certificate.
  • Other Certificates – Musical or Sporting, etc.
  • Photocopy of your Drivers Licence
  • Copies of your Resume and References as a Pack you can leave with your potential employer. So depending on the amount of interviews you go for you will need to have a few of these available.

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