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Night Nannies prides itself on exceptional client care and a very selective and thorough recruitment process to ensure that the Client and the Nanny are most suitably matched.

  • Complete the Online Application Form and submit with a copy of your Resume.
  • You will receive the relevant Agency Documentation - including the Agency Agreement - via email that you are required to complete and return via email prior to an interview being arranged.
  • Arrange an Interview

    Night Nannies will correspond with the applicant and set up an interview at a convenient time for the applicant and the interviewer.

  • Attend an Interview

    After criteria assessment, our Recruitment Consultant will interview the applicant to determine their job requirements and suitability and provide information about various tasks, responsibilities and working conditions.

  • Working With Children Checks and Reference Checks

    All checks will be completed before referral to clients for interview.

    NON NSW APPLICANTS: As of 1st January 2007, it is an Agency requirement that you provide your own copy of a Police Check/ Blue Card if you are not to be working in NSW. Unfortunately, this is now the requirement of each state. For more information please visit

  • Client Matching

    Correspondence and Resumes of suitable applicants will be forwarded to Clients for assessment. Night Nannies will call the shortlist applicants to confirm their interest in the available position if they meet the interest of the Client.

  • Arrange Interview with Client

    Night Nannies will liaise with client and applicant to determine a mutually suitable time and date for the interview to take place.

    You will be notified by Night Nannies to contact the client to introduce yourself and arrange a time that works for both of you for the interview to take place.

  • Attend Client Interview

    After the interview, applicant contacts Night Nannies to present feedback on their interview – how they felt about the position, was it the right position for them, did they feel comfortable with the family/child, etc. Clients will also be encouraged to perform their own Reference Checks to assure themselves as to the suitability and experience of the applicant.

  • Making An Offer of Employment

    The Client notifies Night Nannies of their chosen applicant. Night Nannies then makes an Offer of Employment to the successful applicant.

  • Making and Signing an Agreement with the Client

    When acceptance is made by the applicant, an Agreement will be drawn up and signed by both parties.

  • Communication with Night Nannies

    Night Nannies will contact you periodically to determine that the position is still working out for the applicant. The applicant may also contact Night Nannies at any time and may utilize our Nanny Support System and Nanny Forum.

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