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  • Discipline for the child should be dealt with at all times by using non-physical behaviour management techniques. At no times is the child to be yelled at, smacked, struck, shaken or any other force used.
  • The Child’s most often reasons for crying and how they should be dealt with are by using non-physical behaviour management techniques. A process of elimination of what is causing the child’s discomfort should be evaluated then remedied. For example; nappy requires changing, hungry, too hot or cold or simply requires comforting. Distraction techniques should be used. However, if the child becomes inconsolably distressed the parents are to be contacted on both landlines and mobile lines.
  • Child’s sleeping and eating habits will change as he/she gets older. Most common sleeping pattern is a nap at a similar time each day for a few hours as determined by the child’s routine. He/she requires a good breakfast, small lunch (either before or after nap) and a healthy dinner.
  • Child hygiene requirements are that clothing is to be changed if it becomes soiled. Nappies are to be changed regularly and child should not be left in a soiled nappy unless the child is asleep, then it is to be changed upon waking.
  • Child’s bed linen should be changed at least once a week or as required if it becomes soiled.
  • Bathing of the child is to be done once a day, in the evening, time permitting. At times the parents may wish to bathe the child and this will be communicated beforehand.
  • Development – Entertainment and developmental activities appropriate to the child’s age and needs are to be provided and varied often. Attendance at a local playgroup and/or swimming lessons/Gymbaroo is also required to assist in the development of the child’s social skills.
  • Danger areas and childproof areas – At no time is the child allowed to be outside/on a balcony without constant adult supervision. Likewise the child is not to be left unattended on a bed, change table or in any area where injury may occur. Constant supervision is essential on all outings.
  • Medical Attention – In the event the child becomes seriously injured an ambulance is to be requested in the first instance then the parents are to be contacted on both landlines and mobile lines. Whilst waiting for assistance to arrive appropriate First Aid is to be administered.
  • Allergies – You need to be aware of any known allergies and what the procedure is in the event of an allergic reaction. Communicate with parents about this on commencement of employment.

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